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FAQ Answers Online    
What are the steps to PLACE AN ORDER ?
What are the steps to ADMINISTER THE ASSESSMENT ?
How do I get a PRICE QUOTE ?
How do I get a copy of my INVOICE ? Click the link and provide your order or invoice number.

Payment Required
Payment is required before your order will be processed. Pay by credit card online or secure a payment by faxing a copy of a purchase order to SkillsUSA at 703-777-1306 or email it to: onlineorders@skillsusa.org. PO payments are due within 30 days.

Hardware and Software Requirements
Some assessments utilize Adobe Flash®, sound, and browser cookies. If you aren't sure if your browser has these technologies installed, you may utilize our system configuration test.

Media Player required for sound questions
The Audio-Radio Production, Television Video Production and Computer Maintenance Assessments require a media player for sound. See the hardware and software requirements for a recommended free media player download.

Need additional help? Please contact the Support Desk for assistance at 1-866-444-7779 or support@careeressentials.org (Help Desk Support Hours: 8-6 EST)

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